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Florida Statutes require that the Clerk of the Circuit Court act as Ex-Officio Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners. The Clerk of the Circuit Court’s Board Records Department maintains an office located on the second floor of the main courthouse which provides service to the Board, County Staff, and the citizens of Jefferson County.

The Board Records Department produces and maintains the minutes of County Commission proceedings and recordings of the meetings. Copies are available to the public for listening purposes or purchase Additionally, the Department maintains custody and control of the seal for the Board of County Commissioners and maintains all of the official papers and instruments of the Board including, but not limited to, resolutions, ordinances, and contracts.

The agenda for the County Commission meetings is prepared by the Clerk of Courts in conjunction with the County Coordinator. To get on an agenda, please contact the Jefferson County Coordinators office at (850) 342 - 0287. 

Kirk Reams